Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Samson Update

So the baby. He does things. Really adorable squishy things! Eating, sleeping and pooping mostly, and I'm guessing that nobody really needs to read about that. I'm thinking that I'll take a page from Maggie's book and try to do a weekly update on life in general, which be 99% Samson related. Yes, I know I referred to him as Max Jr. in the last post, but he was Samson for 9 months, and in a way he'll always be Samson.

Did I mention that he has a ton of hair? Furry little guy, that baby. Really takes after Milhouse. Sometimes Max and I have to ro sham bo for who's turn it is to pet him.


lizelliott said...

a few nights ago i was sitting at the bar of a fancy restaurant, waiting for a friend. i was eavesdropping on the bartender gabbing with the couple next to me because i heard them say they just returned from flying their private plane to california, which intrigued me. then all of a sudden somehow newborn babies came into the equation, and i watched the bartender lean in real close, look them deeply in the eyes and say, "you know what i love? what i love more than anything else in the world is the smell of a baby's head."
and here i thought this wierd fetish was all yours, deb.

Deborah said...

Oh heavens no. The smell of a baby's head has been used for thousands of years to induce happiness and serenity in a variety of stressful situations, like hostage negotiations, garbage worker strikes, and pledge break season on NPR. You'll have to sniff Samson's noggin when you're out here next week.

The Moores said...

OMG we totally pet the baby, too. Rub his silly little fuzzy head (which is getting fuzzier, how cool is that). And he still smells good :) I wish you were closer, we could sit around and get high sniffing babies and rubbing their soft little heads.