Monday, August 06, 2007

Life in HD

So here I am, sitting in my new home, blogging from my new laptop, watching our new HDTV, 2 clean dogs curled up next to me. You could say I had a real good weekend. The new place is awesome; it's really coming together nicely. We had 2 sets of extremely helpful parents on hand, and everyone was just great. I've never moved in and unpacked so quickly before, including our marathon trip to Ikea and Best Buy on Sunday morning. and not to mention the fact that I can't actually lift anything! It may not be San Francisco, but it feels really good.

Let's just not discuss the fact that it's now less than 2 weeks until the wedding. Gulp.

Off to the dog park now--these hounds deserve a reward for their good behavior.


Anonymous said...

oh la la! living the high life for sure, I have to admit I'm a little envious :) Have been a tad homesick, Irishness has gotten to me the past few days. Check my blog for news of our disasterous bank holiday weekend... also more baby Finn as requested.

Anonymous said...

...and I'm anxious to see pix of the new place AND of the upcoming wedding! I can't wait! Note the excessive use of exclamation points!

Deborah said...

It's the bank holiday weekend that will live infamy! How scary! I'm glad Travis is tall enough to climb up to your balcony! I also love exclamation points! And I love the "scrunchie" face!