Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Breathe through it

I went to prenatal yoga today. No crying this time--not from me, anyway. The classroom is on the deliveries floor, and there was this weird, high pitched moaning noise throughout the class today--it was hardly noticeable. The midwife who runs the class spent a lot of time today telling us about natural birth (yeah, right) and how yoga will help us learn to breathe through the discomfort--not pain, mind you, discomfort. The entire class became skeptical because by the end of class--you know, the part with the relaxation, feel your body filling up with warming light, blah blah blah--the high pitched moaning next door had become full on screaming. Pain-filled screaming. Was she breathing through the discomfort? It was pretty comical though, like something out of Will and Grace or Seinfeld. Who knew yoga needed a laugh track?

The Varro's visit to Ireland has been immortalized by the Lomo, which happily decided to function last week. Pics are on Picasa Web. No embedded slideshow, I decided I didn't like that feature all that much. Here's a good one though:

I will miss our little Irish roadtrips. Ireland is a lot like the Sea Ranch, though, so there's a number of Irish-ish road trips coming up soon. But with dogs!


Anonymous said...

I know someone who did natural, using the Bradley method, and did it very well. The husband was terrified until the moment actually came and was surprised at how well it went.

The woman is gorgeous and the husband is muscular, and quite possibly a genius. And, also, really cool.

That said, if I were a woman, there's no way in hell I'd do it without an epidural. Hell, I'd need an epidural and, most likely, blunt force trauma to the head.

Deborah said...

Obviously, this couple is comprised of a pair of super humans. The resulting offspring must be amazing. And pretty. And she probably has awesome taste in music. Just a guess.

I'll take 4 epidurals, please.

Karry said...

I like the slide show thingy - I'm hoping I can figure out how to make it work :)
Definitely get the epidural! Definitely - child birth is no time to be a hero!
And, stay out of the bath once your water breaks! No matter what the nurses say - trust me.

Deborah said...

Ew. I don't even like baths when I'm not leaking fluids.

Anonymous said...

OK - yoga breathing actually does help quite a bit, but YES do an epidural! I'll have to tell you my labor story... I'm now a strong supporter of plenty of pregnancy exercize, controlled breathing, and pre/ante (depending on your country!) natal yoga! What a difference all those made for me...and they certainly won't be a detriment to anyone preparing to go into labor.