Monday, May 21, 2007

Is this sofa getting smaller or is it just me?

I'm officially starting to feel large. Thick in the middle. When I lean against the kitchen counter in order to reach the handle that opens and closes the window, my belly goes "gooouch" on the inside. There's definitely something living in there, and he's getting bigger by the day. I'm really curious to see how big the baby will get over the next 5 months. They don't seem so big when they come out, but it seems like an awful lot of person to have hanging out in your belly where there isn't usually a person hanging out.


Anonymous said...

He? Is that just a hunch or do you know yet?

Deborah said...

I will let my precious television answer that question:

best commercial ever

That is to say, yes, yes it's a boy. So says the jolly Irish doctor with the huge bottle of Old Midleton on his bookshelf.