Tuesday, May 15, 2007

AIDS Walk San Francisco 2007

This year I'm joining the inspirational Laura and her team of ABC 7 cohorts on the AIDS Walk. I've sponsored Laura in years past, but I've never actually dug my heels in and participated on the 10K walk through glorious Golden Gate Park. But since this year's walk is on July 15th, the weekend after I make my triumphant return to the Bay Area, it seems fitting that I pack my dogs into my Subaru wagon and head up to the city to be a part of Laura's team. I'm really looking forward to it--the walking, the seeing good people, the getting out and about with dogs, and the supporting a good cause. I've always been a supporter of the ASPCA and various dog and cat rescue societies; I have no problem opening my heart, my home, and my wallet to soft furries. And I've been known to sponsor my friends who have the heart and the time to do things like AIDS walks and MS rides and cancer runs. But I've never been as generous with time as I'd like to be. Call it a belated New Year's resolution, chalk it up to mom-to-be syndrome and wanting to make the world a better--if not perfect--place before my due date. Call it whatever you want, but call it a good thing. And you can do a good thing too by sponsoring me on the walk! Of course, the easy, online sponsorship form requires the use of my first and last name, obviously not blog-friendly content. So if you want to sponsor me and don't know my last name, take an extra step and email me and I'll send you the sponsorship instructions. Go team no more AIDS!


Karry said...

Ha. Looks like I got to be the first to donate to your worthy cause! Good luck!

Deborah said...

Way to pony up, Karry! It's so weird to ask family and friends for money...I'm not sure I like that part of fund raising. Thanks for softening the blow!

Karry said...

Yeah, it is weird. It's kinda like being a girl scout again, only then you were used to asking adults for money.