Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pointy Dublin

I've posted some more pictures on Picasa Web Albums. There's a new folder where I've begun to post pictures of The Spire--the real beauty is in the ever-changing Irish Sky. I've also added some photos to the Dublin album--general pics of the stuff I see when I'm walking around the city, waiting for the DART, and whatnot.

We're taking a vacation next month--what they call a "sun holiday" here. We're off to Portugal where we'll be staying in a villa in the Algarve region in a village called Caramujeira which is just outside of Carvoeiro--check out those beaches! Some sun and surf will be a welcome break from the clouds and drizzle of Dublin.


lizelliott said...

deb, portugal? you cultured lucky dog.

i liked the pics of your house, too. niiiiiiiice couches.

Deborah said...

Yes, if by "cultured" you mean "sitting by the pool for 7 days and drinking margaritas (or whatever slushy alchohol drink they have in Portugal)."

Besides cultural studies in poolside drinking, I do have one main goal for this vacation: my first snorkeling adventure.

OK, two main goals: snorkeling and sea food.

Did you see the curly sticks in the house pics? I've grown partial to them. Darn curly sticks.