Wednesday, April 05, 2006

But it's a cozy lie, with a hood and a pocket on the front

I'm wearing my Blogger sweatshirt today. I feel like I'm wearing a lie.

All of the energy that I regularly use for blogging has been sucked up by just about every other aspect of life lately. Work, love, logistics, animals, responsibilities, hygiene, dental improbabilities--there's no energy left for reflection, communication, or pointy wit and sarcasm. Heck, there's barely energy to stay awake during Law & Order. I realize that it's a phase, and that life tends to ebb and flow just like anything else. It just sucks when it results in blog neglect.

To make up for it, I'll share this invigorating link that Rhonda found (of course she knew to share it with me). I've also got a theme song this week, which I will also share. Enjoy!

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lizelliott said...

duh...lady of guadalupe...its a gimme...or is it? i'll have to go back and check again. and again. and again. thanks costco, for being there for me when i need you most. can i get one of those ballpark hotdogs while i'm trying to decide which casket i want?