Monday, April 24, 2006

The animals know that I'm leaving. They have been so nice to me, I can only deduce that they have ulterior motives. For at least 38 hours this weekend, there was a black cat lounging on some part of my person. The grey one even slept on the couch next to me while the black one was on my lap. Nanna has been extra super cute and cuddly, and Ozzy is barely taking up half of the bed. I can't imagine what they're planning, but I'm sure it will be gruesome.

The power outage on Friday evening prevented the garage sale from going down as planned, so here's your call to action: if I have something that you know you want, it's yours. Come and get it. This offer is only applicable to things that I no longer want; I don't want any smart asses stealing my computer or my Simpsons DVD collection. But feel free to take home some slightly used IKEA furniture or a book about Swedish Art History.

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