Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Teeth: The gifts that keep on giving

I thought it was strange when my tooth started hurting. I had, after all, had a root canal done on this particular tooth not 2 weeks previously, and I had a crown put on just last week (and yes, of course I contemplated getting a platinum crown with teensy weensy diamonds in it). And a root canal removes the nerve. Oh, well, apparently the root in question has a micro-channel, which is of course undetectable by the x-ray. So tomorrow I get to have my root canal undone--oh joy--so I can go to a specialist who will take it from there. LUCKY ME. So excuse me if I seem grumpy or irritable. It's because I am.

After this is all over, I'm getting a massage.

I'm not a total spoiled brat. I know that this is no big deal. I know that if this is the worst thing that happens to me this year that I'm doing pretty darn well. Heck, at least I have roots for canalling. Still, I feel that I am within my rights by doing a bit of complaining, especially considering that I really hate going to the dentist and that I chose Gentle Dental for that reason. Not so they could gently explain to me that they have to undo the root canal they just did so that it can be redone. Plus, I have a cavity.


Anonymous said...

Listen, things could be worse. By worse, I mean one side of your head is kinda flat due to an unfortunate accident involving a well. On a lighter note, I was thinking of you cause I just applied for a job working with the co-ops...."Janet Reno, here I come". Yeah, so I know it's the Janet Smith, but I'll take any opportunity to say the words: Janet Reno.

Deborah said...

Oh, Baby Jessica, you are so right. I can be so insensitive sometimes.

By the way, feel free to drop my name at Janet Smith. I'm a total legend over there. I lasted 5 1/2 whole months!