Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Darker Side of Disney

I am, in many ways, a fool. I make impulse purchases both in stores and while shopping online. I procrastinate to the point of no return. I watch American Idol. Additionally, I make clothing decisions based purely on aesthetics with little to no thought given to comfort or the level of appropriateness. In regards to this issue, the pointy, pointy thorn in my side are my beloved favorite of all shoes, my navy blue converse low top sneakers. Great for wearing with jeans, skirts, bermuda shorts, what have you. Awful, and I mean AWFUL, for walking any sort of distance. Especially once you've been wearing them for a while and the soles have become paper thin.

I should have learned this lesson extremely well after walking the Bay to Breakers last year--in my converse. To be fair, we started walking at mile 3. Being the genius that I am, I brought the dogs along--and didn't think about how we would get back, as the Muni wasn't going to be a very dog friendly place post-race (think sardines in a can, then triple it). Total round trip: 9 miles in those damn shoes.

Oh but I didn't learn. Not the first time anyway. I wore those same beautiful, hurtful shoes to Disneyland. But by the afternoon of day 2, I was in podiatric hell. I decided to buy a new pair of shoes, even if all that was available were overpriced Nikes or something like that. Oh, if only they had overpriced Nikes of something like that! The only pair of adult shoes sold in Disneyland? Behold:

(And remember what I said about Disney characters.)

I wore the crap out of those shoes, and my feet were at least 35% more comfortable, making me at least 47% less irritable. But I forgive my converse. I still love them the most of all shoes. You'll see my feet in nothing but flip flops each summer, but every other time of year it's converse for me. I just don't learn. And now I have a pair of emergency Mickey Mouse shoes in the back of my car. Just in case.

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lizelliott said...

are you SERIOUS? see, its stuff like this that makes life WAY more interesting than fiction. WAY more. those shoes are freaking priceless, deb. priceless.