Thursday, December 22, 2005

OK, I just want to clear something up from yesterday's post. I listen to the Alice Morning Show, not the actual music that they play on Alice. That music sucks.


anchovy said...

So what turned you off of NPR? I used to listen to the stuff religiously. In fact, here's how much of a geek I was: my favorite show was Prarie Home Companion, followed closely by Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and of course CarTalk.

And, of course, I loved the news and current events programming, but in the end I think I got a little tired of the negativity.

What was your favorite show?

Deborah said...

It wasn't so much NPR that I actively stopped listening to as much as it was the news in general. I just can't listen to people talking about war, President Bush, Governer Schwarzenegger, homelessness, children without health insurance, the death penelty...I just needed a break. Still do.

I've always enjoyed listening to This American Life (yes, I am just that pretentious) and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (Peter Sagal sounds dreamy), but I rarely find myself in a car before noon on a saturday (KQED, our local heartless NPR station, broadcasts all of the good NPR shows on Saturday morning. Bastards.).