Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My .0005 Minutes of Fame-ish

This is great: in the midst of the Paris Hilton/T-Mobile/phone book hacking scandal, the internet was ripe with curious onlookers who wanted to get our--I mean, their--grubby little paws on the private phone numbers of Ashlee Simpson, Fred Durst, Eminen, Lindsy Lohan and the like. So when many of these people searched for "Paris Hilton contacts," as in Paris Hilton's contact list, guess what they found?

See that? The last search result? Deborah's Den ended up on the search results for the Celebutant's latest shenanigans, based on my recent posts about Paris Hilton and about my new contact lenses--which, by the way, I am thuroughly enjoying. Honestly, it made my night.

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