Thursday, January 20, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me

Yes, I know I'm jumping the gun. My actual birthday's not until Saturday. But I just love the festivities and celebratory atmosphere surrounding a birthday! Strike that: surrounding my birthday. We kicked it off yesterday with an all-office lunch at our local sushi bar. I even got to wear the official birthday boa and tiara. Talk about festive!

Tonight, my good ol' college pal Dedi is flying in from Portland to spend the weekend. Tomorrow, I get to indulge in what I think is the absolute best part of The Planning Shop's benefits package: you get your birthday off! Which means Dedi and I get to take the dogs hiking somewhere fun--and since it's a weekday, it won't be too overcrowded with weekenders. Perfect.

But Saturday is the absolute day of decadence: my good friend Miriam will join us for pedicures at this super cute spa down the street from my apartment, then we're off to Alcatraz! We simply must take advantage of this beautiful weather we've been having. Besides, history is neat!

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