Monday, January 17, 2005

And Hit the Road We Did!

Rhonda and I are back from Palm Springs, safe and sound. Everybody is happy to see us: our families and dogs, our coworkers--especially Brian, who's happy to see the HUGE folder full names and addresses of professors who need books!

Where to begin! Well, our booth was beautiful, and it took both of us a lot of caffeine to maintain our ladylike yet effervescent demeanors while talking to the throngs of professors who bombarded us, hungry for information on What Business Should I Start? and The Successful Business Plan. But we managed.

We were able to take a couple of field trips to see the beauty of the desert which surrounded us and enjoy the flora and fauna.

You really can't go wrong with a bush made of cheese. And that wasn't even the weirdest thing! The weirdest thing was that we saw Mickey Rooney--like seventeen times. All over the hotel, just walking around, getting in his limo, hanging out by the concierge...seriously! Mickey Rooney! After a couple of days, everything stared to look like Mickey Rooney. For instance, this rock is simply the spitting image of Mickey Rooney's head.

Of course, some of us might like to block it out forever, but Rhonda established a whole new fan base when she and University of Northern Colorado professor Joe Bell performed their heart-felt karaoke rendition of "Downtown." I have taken it upon myself as my personal task to make sure that this event is never forgotten.

Before our plane left to come home, we took a drive to Joshua Tree National Park. It was pretty neat, and the Joshua trees were certainly plentiful. Rhonda loved the sun and mild temperatures...

...while the desert environment really brought out my inner-rugged-explorer.

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