Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Shake, Rattle & Roll

So about 25 minutes ago, we had an earthquake. I don't usually feel earthquakes, but I sure felt this one: 5.9! I was sitting at my desk, and I started feeling nauseous, and then Arthur and Brian both pointed out that one of the potted plants by the door was shaking. Having attended K-12 in Bay Area public schools, I immediately dove under my desk and clasped my hands behind my head: duck and cover! (Note to self: train the dogs to dive under a table or desk and stay there when the command "Duck and cover" is given...) The fact that my body responded with a queasy sensation before I had any clue that anything was going on caused me to contemplate the whole thing about our bodies being 98% water, and how that relates to tide tables, gravity, motion sickness, all that stuff.

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