Friday, September 17, 2004

New Tech Toys

Hooray for me! This week, I got a new computer. I've begun to travel more for work, so when the time came for me to get a new computer, we opted for a laptop. And not just any laptop, but a super fantastic Sony Vaio! I swear, this thing weighs less than a bagel (the toasted kind, with cream cheese, tomatoes and capers.). And it's got this new monitor technology called XBrite, and I'm pretty sure that this is how they do it: the people at Sony have hired hundreds of thousands of tiny little creatures, and they each have one of those purple-ish blue-ish lights that you sometimes find on after-market, souped up Honda Civics. Behind my laptop's screen, there are a couple hundred of the little guys, shining their crazy reflective super bright lights through the screen, so it's, like, 100 times brighter than any other computer screen you've ever seen before.

Or maybe they've developed some sort of reflective synthetic material, who knows.

But it's an awesome computer and I'm just thrilled to pieces about it. Not that my old computer wasn't great, but it was needed elsewhere. Poor Brian's been using the world's slowest computer forever, and he was about ready to kill someone...and I sit nearest to him. So he has taken possession of the Dell desktop, and I don't think I've ever seen his smile so big! And then Arthur's got a new iPod, so he's on cloud 9. And Rhonda's test driving the NEW new Sony Vaio laptop--the one that's so light it actually floats--so we're a technologically happy company this week. *sigh*

Oh, yes: my replacement LC-A should be here today...

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Anonymous said...

sony does nothing but make great TV screens, sound systems, roboots, and maybe monitors. As far as their computer technology is concerened they are severely lacking. No matter how light your laptop may be.