Thursday, May 29, 2014

You Or Your Memory

I was lucky to have a pretty amazing college radio station when I was a student. After a few mis-directed years spent listening to the Grateful Dead when all I really wanted was an excuse not to shave my legs, I found myself with plenty of time and a pair of very hungry ears.

Punk music didn't work for me, and the Brit Pop thing that was going on behind my back didn't make its way into my CD collection until after graduation when I moved back to the Bay Area. The college station at the University of Oregon in Eugene brought some pretty amazing classic stuff that I had previously overlooked--David Bowie, Talking Heads, Frank Sinatra--but they also introduced me to a future favorite, Cub.

Cub was an all girl trio who called themselves "cuddle core" and they were AWESOME. They were Canadian. Their massive cord variations matched that of the Ramones and they were adorable. Sadly, after three albums, they went their separate ways. I was lucky enough to see them open for They Might Be Giants one Fall in Portland, and they managed to grace nearly every mix tape I made for Max when we first started dating. Thank you, KWVA!

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