Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sitting in the waiting room

All I could think about was how hard it was to think. I imagine my brain is like a water weenie that's filled with baked beans or polenta, and nothing can ever be in a solid state. I can't hold on to a memory or an idea long enough to recall it, and the things I can focus on are gooshy. It's moderately difficult to form an educated opinion based upon fact, and very hard to later on remember why I had chosen that position. One of the results of this state of being is that I am absurdly awkward at social events. And I'm about to enter the ultimate world of awkward social events--elementary school. Well, the kiddo, not me, but it comes with the whole package: PTA, volunteer stuff, fundraising, etc. And it's k-8 so these are quite likely our community for the 9 years minimum. Or at least I hope so. Let's all keep our fingers crossed and see if i can keep my social ineptitude at bay.

Also, I had a clean scan yesterday. Not as clean as previous scans, but the spot that dr. Clarke found last april hadn't changed at all--no growth or anything like that. No more scans until September...after kindergarten starts.

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Liz said...

Clean scan = yay!