Thursday, May 10, 2012

Big Ass Moon

Kiddo and I went backpacking with some friends last weekend. It's been 12 years since my last backpacking trip, and this was the kiddo's first camping trip as someone with with a brain capable of creating viable memories. In broad terms, it was successful. There were a few freak outs, and definitely more dangerous bugs than I'm used to seeing in any given 24 hour period. But there was also a Mega Moon.

I tend to do things half-assedly in general, so I when I read the brief email from our camping pals earlier in the week about the mega moon, I didn't actually click the link that would explain to me what a mega moon actually, in fact, was. No, instead, I took what my brain decided a mega moon was and mixed it with some random (and, more likely than not, imaginary) statistic and came out with a variety of outlandish claims ti attach to the impending mega moon.

"You know, the moon's supposed to be the brightest it's been in like 900 years or something."

"Oh yeah, the mega moon is going to be closer than it's been since the year Haley's Comet was last here."

"There's only a mega moon once every 27 years."

Despite my lack of ability to speak the truth (generally speaking), we all enjoyed the massively mega moon. The kiddo really dug sleeping outdoors, which was helpful considering that the tent didn't stay entirely upright the whole night. Regardless, to quote the little dude, "It was the best night ever in my whole life." It was great to be reminded how much I love camping.

Top 5 Formative Things That I Need to Instill into the Kiddo While He's Still Spongy

1. the Beatles
2. dogs
3. drums
4. duets
5. collecting


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