Sunday, April 03, 2011

hello, april

April, so far, has been nothing but awesome weather and the world's crankiest 3 year old. Also the world's crankiest mommy, due in part to the afore mentioned child and in part to three full days of macrobiotics. Some of you would be happy to point out that macrobiotics is more than switching to whole grains over white and almond butter over Skippy. Yes, thank you for that. But ooh, gasp, I've been eating my veggies too. Mostly with hummus or goddess dressing, but still. The only thing I can't quite keep on track with is the tea. I'm supposed to be drinking 2 cups of tea a day, and I have't had any yet. I've never been a tea fan, and with this one being decaf, I'm even more inclined to "forget." But other than that, I'm keeping on track and enjoying the tuna, the quinoa and the blue agave. The lack of Carl's Jr, not so much.


Kathy Schrenk said...

What kind of diet is this?

Deborah said...

macrobiotics. not diet so much as LIFESTYLE CHANGE. ugh.

Fraulein S. said...

You may want to try chamomile tea if you're allowed. I love the taste and find it very soothing. Are you allowed to add anything such as hiney? I think it's great your whole family is supporting you on this and I LOVE the fact that Leor got the family a hot tub.
Feel good.
Luv, Cuz Sheila

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