Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Day in Davis

We went up to Davis today to visit my GBM buddy and have lunch with her awesome family. Samson followed 6 year old Paco around the whole time, learning (almost) how to slip n' slide in a kiddie pool. We had lots of fun, and it was nice to reminisce about our year living there back in 2001-2002...our first home together! The house where Ozzy's separation anxiety really began to take shape, and the home of our first Ikea sofa (thanks, Grandpa Henry). We fought off the huge cockroaches, the loud parties of the Pacific Islanders Frat house next door, and the chickens being raised in the backyard of our duplex neighbors. We survived the fear when Miru escaped and was gone for 2 weeks, the fear of 9/11/01, and the fear (or excitement, depending who you ask) of Max going back to Israel after graduating from UCD to serve in the military. We met some very awesome friends who, thanks to Facebook, we can still keep in touch with.

Looking back, I think wow--what an eventful and intense year for us!

That being said, I'm about six weeks away from the one year anniversary of my GBM diagnosis. Talk about eventful and intense! Good thing I'm a drama queen.


Erin said...

Thanks for coming to me when I am full of grumpiness. Erin

Now...where did I put that Vodka?

Laura said...

Can't believe it's almost a year since your diagnosis! So proud of you and your family for perservering throught it, tough girl! Oh, and just a btw, when I read GBM at first, in my head, it translated to Gay Black Male - ha ha! oops! ;-)
Miss you! xoxo