Tuesday, April 27, 2010


How many years now has "blog every day" been in my list of New Year's resolutions? A great many, that how. So here I am, going weeks between posts, not telling anyone how I had an AWESOME MRI week before last, or how I finally went to Samson's parent co-op school today (he started the week before Sept 21), or how Ozzy's eyes have turned a dignified but unsettling dark grey cloudy color. Things have changed! I have changed! How? Well, I can't think of any examples right now. Oh, tea! I drink tea now instead of coffee. That's a huge difference. But other than that, my mind is blank. That's certainly not new.

Long story short: I promise, I'll be better. Take me back.

I have an awesome new friend, but I can't remember what her blog name is supposed to be. The important thing is that she's got Glioblastoma stage 4 too, and she is truly my hero these days. Never giving up hope, never letting the heaviness got her too, too down, reaching out to other GBM folks for camaraderie and advice and a good time. We're in very similar situations, except that she's got TWO little boys--can you Imagine?--and she's started taking a running class. A RUNNING class. I mentioned maybe popping by the gym the other day and Samson was all the huh? the what? McDonald's? Lucky for me, my buddy is also motivating with her go get 'em ways.

So please, I beg of you, give me at least 7 more chances. I'll be back. I'll be around. I'll write about my strikingly glamourous MRIs and lament the Shark's lack of oomph in round two. I know! I'll post pictures! From Disneyland! And other places! We both know I don't mean it, but let the lie survive, just for one night.


Laura K. said...

well, I don't think there was near enough begging in that post. I admit I have been longing for some Disneyland photos...but I'm a patient girl. Have missed you! I'll just have to come down there and invite myself over again! Stay strong, supergirl!

Jen said...

Hey, I miss you. I did a workout today. I am kind of thrilled... 60 whole minutes on the elliptical... SIXTY!!! that is pretty major for me =) did you make it to the gym? Taking a class sounds fun, provided you have the childcare and all that. Why not?? Go for it! You can do eet!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss you fierce and I love you. and I want blog. :) actually, I want hug, but... until soon, blog will have to do. or phone. that will happen. ghs. and hugs. virtually.