Monday, July 06, 2009

They'll fry your cat and put it on a stick if you ask nicely

To celebrate the birthday of this great nation, we booked our flight out to the Midwest to visit the Richmans in Minneapolis--also known as the PLACE WHERE THEY HAVE THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR. Is there anything more patriotic than a giant vegetable contest or a deep fried Twinkie? No, there is not.

We also partook in a more traditional method of celebration, the preparing and eating of much foodstuffs. While it was mainly a grilling-and-beer sort of weekend, the baking arts were also well represented. Friends from San Diego came to visit, bearing the Greatest Pecan Pie ever, and I fell under the annual spell of ripe peaches at the supermarket and whipped up a Paula Deen peach cobbler. Because, you know, butter runs through my veins.

We made it out to pancake breakfast, but couldn't keep the kiddo awake long enough for fireworks--maybe next year. We did manage to fit in a trip to the beach on Sunday morning, as evidenced by the wet and (more than a little) stinky dog who spent the afternoon lounging in the sun in the backyard. I'm going to call it a successful holiday weekend all around.

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