Sunday, May 24, 2009

Toddling around the capitol

So we decided to drive to Sacramento for Max's birthday, mainly so we could stop at the outlet mall for some much needed retail therapy. You haven't seen a place until you've seen it with a toddler: Fairytale Town, Funderland, Sutter's Fort, Rick's Dessert Diner--plus, you run everywhere you go.

We had a great time--until Samson was attacked by an unruly display shelf in the Train Museum in Old Town. Note to museum staff: when directing a couple with a toddler to "the most toddler friendly area in the museum," and you go on and on about the Thomas the Tank Engine play area, you might also want to mention the low hanging shelves that line the walls in the 15 feet between the elevator and the play area. The low hanging shelves which are just about the height of a toddler head. With really sharp and pointy corners. I'm just saying.

So we didn't actually make it to any other part of the train museum that day; when the bump on Samson's forehead grew larger and larger before my eyes until it was the size and color of a small plum, we headed straight to the hospital. He's fine, it's only a goose egg, but we did decided to cut our trip short and head back to the Bay after that.

Luckily, we'd had a really nice time the day before--including an actual dinner out, the first in a looooong time. The biggest gun in my keep-the-toddler-quiet-in-the-restaurant arsenal these days is yogurt.

I said keep him quiet, not keep him clean.

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