Tuesday, October 30, 2007


We had a 5.6 earthquake about 90 minutes ago. Max and I both felt it, and the dogs totally started to bark and run around the house. It was exciting! See, Samson? if you come out now, think of all the fun and exciting things that await you! Earthquakes! Dogs barking! Pizza!

The grandparents-to-be got us an amazing video camera so that we can forever save treasured moments in Samson's life and share on places like blogs. It's also got a pretty kick ass still picture feature--I think this will quell my craving for a digital SLR for a while longer. It takes pretty nice shots of Ozzy.

That's a handsome dog.

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The Moores said...

Finn and I are checking up on you every day now. patiently waiting for a new buddy.

He likes the doggie picture and says uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhgggggggggg.