Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kinda Sorta Maybe A Little Bit Funny

Has anyone been watching the Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central? I downloaded the first episode with my dwindling store credit from Itunes a few days ago, and I honestly don't know what to think. I like Sarah Silverman, and I certainly tend to like underdog comics (think David Cross, H. Jon Benjamin, or Kids in the Hall). And don't get me wrong, I laughed, like, a lot. But I also felt sort of unsettled and confused. Of course, that's probably the point.

There are lots of ways to feel sort of unsettled and confused. Like this gem from a few years ago, now made readily available by You Tube:

Heck yeah! I think it was Dana who originally shared this with me, back when she was big into sending items for sale on Craig's List to her co-workers while using the email address of another co-worker as the sender's email address...hilarity ensued.

"Hey, Joe."
"Why did you send me this vase?"
"Seriously dude, why did you send me this vase?"


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