Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Red-headed Step Blog

It started like this: I was looking at yesterday's blog post (Jim and Pam!!) and I noticed that almost all of the women in my list of warm fuzzy TV couples have red hair. I decided that was interesting and blog worthy, especially considering that I had red hair last year (It was the only time I had other-than-brown hair that required maintenance and upkeep and looked decent. Other than that, it was brief love affairs with green in high school and bleached/orange in college. Both with minimal success.) and I had recently seen a picture of that red hair which made me consider--for half of a split second--doing it again. Perfect for a Tuesday blog when not much is going on (thankfully) in my life, I thought to myself, and I can link to a previous post from last year with pictures of the locks in question. Brilliant! (That's Irish for awesome.)

That's when I discovered "the problem." Apparently, when I switched over to my own website (before I switched over to blogspot), I lost my pictures, or something equally as fishy. I don't know how I didn't notice it before, but I'm going to fix it. Something must be done. My vast and demanding audience deserves a pictorial history to go along with my past blog entries. I know how much time you all spend reading through back posts, searching desperately for some clue into the blinding ultra-coolness of Me. It's OK, everyone does it. It can't be helped. Well rest assured, I'll find the problem ad figure it out. And when I do, the world will once again have access to pictures of my red hair! Muhahahahahaha!


Anonymous said...

Hey Deborah-
My mother (your Aunt Mimi) makes me read your blog--funny how when we were growing up she made me do educational things?!? Anyway, I'm glad to read it and hear about life in Ireland. It's a bit more exciting than life in Grove City! Except . . . last week we had an exciting vistor. We had put up our Christmas tree on Saturday and decorated it that day. On Thursday morning, we came downstairs and Aurora the super-observant and way-smart 4 year old that she is says, "Mommy, what's that?" Across our Christmas star on top of the tree, there was draped a sleeping bat! Yes, a bat. Now I remember ornaments being hung, but I do not remember hanging up a bat. He was definitely new! We immediately got in the car and picked up Ken at work. He quickly transformed into our superman, and we waited in the car while he caught the bat and brought it out of the house. Well, I know you won't be celebrating with a Christmas tree, but thought you might enjoy the reminder to not hang any vermin from anything (tree or otherwise) in your apartment. Just thought it was good advice . . .

Deborah said...

Jamie! Yay! Bats on Christmas trees! Boo! Ken the hero! Yay! Bats on Christmas trees! Boo!