Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rain, Ice Cream, and Damn I Miss Hockey

It's my fourth day in Dublin, and I've seen it all: the rain, the drizzle, the sprinkling, as well as the beautiful blue skies and the mugginess that reminds me of childhood summers in upstate New York (but I don't think that last one is normal for these parts). None of it has been all that severe; pretty mild and mostly harmless (kind of like the food so far). It really is pleasant for the most part, but I'm holding my breath for winter.

Some of the things I've noticed so far:

They have ice cream trucks here, and they play music that sounds an awful lot like something I would classify as a jig.

There are 2 big parks near my apartment, and one of them has a come-hither looking statue of Oscar Wilde. The other one has a pond with ducks in it. I can't remember which is Merrion Square Park and which is St. Stephen's Green, but they're both really freaking cute.

Just like the French, the Irish put butter on everything. This makes me happy.

Dubliners love their Friday nights and their pubs.

It was at least this happening when we left last night around 1:30 am, and half of the patrons were still in their suits and high heels from the work day. Very impressive. Thankfully, the quickie mart type places (I haven't figured out what they're called here yet) stay open real late in the drinking neighborhoods so you can chase your Guinness with a Magnum or a Flake ice cream. They even have (get ready for this, Dad!) Tim Hortons donuts! Talk about a small world.

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