Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Planning Shop finds fame at Book Expo America 2004

That's right, folks. The Planning Shop was living it up at Book Expo America in Chicago last June, unveiling our 2 newest books: Six-Week Start-Up and What Business Should I Start? While attending a breakfast Q&A session with Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, author of America (the book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction, I was selected from the audience to ask Mr. Stewart a question. The majority of the questions asked by other audience members revolved around the upcoming presidential election and politics in general, however; I decided to ask a question about a topic a bit nearer and dearer to my heart: hockey! Little did I know, the event was broadcast on Book TV, a weekend feature of the ever-popular CSPAN 2. So, for all 12 of you who actually watch Book TV (including Rhonda!), that's why you saw me blushing on national television at a Jon Stewart breakfast event. What did I learn from this experience? Jon Stewart isn't much of a hockey fan. Although, he did correctly predict the winner of the 2004 Stanley Cup--the Tampa Bay Lightning--winning me the hefty sum of $5.00.

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